Camila Giorgi’s boyfriend

Does Camila have any boyfriend? Here he answer

Camila Giorgi and brother

Camila Giorgi is one of the most admired tennis players on tour, not only for the aggressive tennis that makes her a threat to everyone but also for her appearance and revealing outfits that are designed by her mother.

The Italian is rather erratic in her results and she is used to struggling with injuries. However, she has recently managed to reach the final in Washington where she is the hot favorite against Jessica Pagula.

Camila Giorgi and boyfriend

Camila has a strong fan base also thanks to her Instagram activity. Back in 2015, Camila posted a pic on Instagram with her now ex-boyfriend Giacomo Miccini. According to rumors, they also got engaged, but eventually that didn’t last much.

There are no current reports about Camila dating any other boyfriend and after removing her pics with Giacomo on Instagram, the only photos with “noticeable guy” is with her “tarzan” brother Amadeus.

Camila Giorgi has a new boyfriend!