Nick Kyrgios is one of the most tumultuous guys on tour. The Australian has often gone off the rail, but there was always one guy that was supporting him: Andy Murray.

Nick has always professed his friendship for the Brit, and he was absolutely elated with Andy reaching the top spot in the rankings.

I am proud of Murray. He is my inspiration. KYRGIOS

During a recent interview with the Herald Sun, the Nick wasn’t shy in confessing his admiration for Murray.

“Andy is a massive inspiration,” Kyrgios commented.

The guy has been working his butt off none stop for years, everyday, every session and for the most part he was behind three guys (Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal) who didn’t look like giving up any slams or spots in the rankings to him at all.

For him to remain motivated and driven to work still and fight for his goals is something every person in or out of sport can take heart and inspiration from.

“If you want something hard enough and work for it long enough you can achieve it. Andy deserves his place at the top of the tree, and as a friend, I’m proud of him and pleased for him too.”

Nick has a 0-5 record against Andy, and he has won just 1 of 15 sets against the world no.1, We are sure he doesn’t mind it.


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