What a nightmare!

On Tuesday, Petra Kvitova sustained a rough knife injury at her left hand during an attack in her house. The Czech tried to defend herself during the robbery, but eventually, everything ended up with nasty cuts on her left hand. Given the fact that Petra is a lefty that could have put an end to her brilliant career.


Kvitova had a 3 hours and 45 minutes surgery that, given the dimension of the damage, went well.

Why she was operated and what is going to happen

According to reports,

“Petra has undergone surgery for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Considering the extent of the damage, the surgery went very well. Doctors repaired damage to tendons in all five digits of the left hand as well as two nerves.

Petra will wear a cast on her hand for 6-8 weeks and she will be unable to bear weight for three months. “

Wimbledon will start in 7 months. Let’s dream or having her back by then.


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