If the epic Wimbledon win of Novak Djokovic hasn’t still stopped the fans from merrymaking then there is another reason that could add to the frenzy. For anyone who is due for their Serbia trip has got reasons to rejoice. That is because a museum for the world no.1 is to be opened in Serbia’s Belgrade.

Djokovic has not just captivated audiences all across the globe but he has attracted people’s attention towards Serbia and may be credited to have increased the tourist traffic to the country to some extent. After all, the country does not have many modern-day heroes, so, when Novak emerged as one of the leading tennis players, he gradually turned into a glimmer of hope for the nation’s seven-plus million people.

If you pay a visit to Belgrade today, you shall see the portrait of The Serb on side of the buildings and a lot more. At the airport, a kiosk sells merchandise with Novak’s face on. And, every hotel concierge, bartender, and barista would share with you unsolicited stories about the moment they served Novak or his family.

Is there a Novak Djokovic museum in Serbia?

There are restaurants, cafes and a Tennis centre in his name. Novak 1 Restaurant and café is particularly famous not only because it serves an extensive menu but is really well done. It displays memorabilia and all of the trophies he has won in numerous tournaments. After winning the Tennis Masters Cup in 2008, Shanghai, he was awarded a Novak Statue that now graces the restaurant.

With a country that regards the Balkan athlete with such veneration, a museum is likely to do well for his fans. Therefore, the world number 1’s father Srdjan said, that there is a Novak Museum which will open in Belgrade’s most valuable oldest landmarks, Knez Mihailova Street.

Senior Djokovic reportedly said to The RTS that: “We are opening a museum next year in the city centre, there is a huge interest of local and foreign tourists, especially Chinese. He is tremendously popular in China”.



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