Nadal, Djokovic will have bigger recognition than Federer if they win more number of slams

Djokovic and Nadal will take over Federer in the number of Grand Slam wins?

The former world no.1, Yevgeny Kafelnikov has commented as to who will hold the highest number of Grand Slams at the end of their careers. He said that the player in the best shape (better health) will be the one who will hold the most number of Grand Slams. He said that it is likely that Nadal and Djokovic will take over Federer in terms of the highest number of Grand Slam wins once they retire from tennis. Both Nadal and Djokovic are younger than Federer. The Serb is youngest than the Swiss by 6 years and that has been termed to be the biggest reason why he will overtake Federer for most number of Grand Slam wins.

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Why Nadal and Djokovic will win more Grand Slams than Federer?

Both these players are in their 30s and all of them have already written history in tennis. Kafelnikov thought that Nadal will have greater recognition than Federer if he overcomes his record of the highest number of Grand Slam wins.

Kafelnikov continued that the same thing can be said about Djokovic as well who is just 32 years of age and has plenty of time to win more titles than Federer (38). He says:

“The same thing can be said about Djokovic. If in the next future he gets other wins and Federer ends his career, then he can. I like Nadal and Djokovic’s games. Federer maybe less.”

Djokovic winning more number of slams is a popular story in the tennis media circle after the Serb narrowly defeated Federer in a tense final match. He is in good shape and plenty of tennis left in him, is predicted to have a greater number of Grand Slam trophies than Federer.

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