Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer to win the Wimbledon this season in one of the toughest matches ever played. The difference was marginal and external factors such as crowd support can make a crucial difference in such matches.

The Centre Court crowd is known for their staunch support for Federer and it intensifies when he plays in a final match. It was a very tense final match at Wimbledon and the crowd was very much involved in the game cheering for the Swiss great.

The crowd was not only supporting Federer but it was in a way against Novak Djokovic, in fact, it was against him to a degree as when Novak double faulted or made a mistake, the crowd cheered. Novak is known for his stubbornness and he kept his calm which was crucial in such a nail-biter. Despite full crowd support for Federer, it was the Serbian who emerged the winner in the end, though it took him around 5 hours.

What Srdjan says about Centre Court Crowd

Novak’s father Srdjan Djokovic was certainly not impressed with the crowd behaviour and said that there was a lot of unfriendliness in the cheering of the English fans towards his son. He further said:

“I have the impression that they were less cheering for Federer and more against Novak, I think that is ugly and the fair play they are proud of here it did not exactly show itself in the best light.”

Srdjan was aghast with crowd whistling when his son missed service, he says:

“Can you imagine them whistling after the first missed service to the winner of the past Wimbledon.”

“But they did not count on the stubbornness, and Novak is naturally stubborn and he was getting additional strength from their bad relations towards him.”

“He did not deserve that, he was always amazing towards the opponent, host, guests and organisers.”

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donna kovacevic
donna kovacevic

It was so obvious of that arrogant crowd, but one must remember it was in the UK and they are well known for their evil traits and ways. God Bless Novak I was cheering for him from Canada. Shame on the UK and you wonder why people dislike the country.


Novak has a heart of steel and a mind of a warrier, they are hockey funs not a tennis one.