Niculescu trashes Kvitova to win the Luxembourg title

Monica Niculescu surprises everyone in Luxembourg to win her 3rd career title after Guangzhou (2014) and Florianapolis (2013).

The talented Romanian didn’t concede much to Petra Kvitova in the final. Monica had a fantastic stint in the 2 part of the match to conquer seven consecutive games and win the encounter 6-4 6-0.

The best moment of my life. NICULESCU

Monica was absolutely elated (and surprised) after winning the title to comment

“It was my best match this year. I felt fantastic on the court, and after I took the first set, I felt even better. I felt like nothing surprised me.

But, wow, to beat Petra in the final? That’s the best moment in my life, I think.”

Monica has already reached the final in Luxembourg in 2011 and 2012.