Nadal marrying his girlfriend Xisca Perello? Media full of fake news for Rafa

Rafael Nadal is upset with media for spreading false rumours related to his marriage

World no.2 Rafael Nadal has criticized the media for publishing fake rumours around his impending marriage with his long-time girlfriend, Xisca Perello. He though maintained that he was not hurt by it. While speaking to El Pais, Nadal said:

“Personally I wasn’t hurt at all. But there is a lot of talk about these things. I’ve read that and I was really angry about it, these are things that we try to keep private but end up becoming public. Well, alright then. Ultimately I don’t really care. I have no problem having details of the wedding being publicized.”

Rafa though said that the false information spread on media has not given him trouble as yet but he is very angry about it, he made a request to the media not to spread false information related to his marriage. Nadal said that he will sue anyone who publishes the wrong information related to his marriage.

“Everything tends to turn into a circus. We are used to social media and news organizations publishing things that make no sense and which are not even true, and nobody ever publishes a correction. But it hasn’t given me any headaches.”

Rafa has always been reluctant to speak much about his personal life and he has always wanted to keep it very personal.

Earlier a newspaper had reported that the great Spaniard’s girlfriend Perello and her friends had a bachelorette party last Thursday. It went on saying that Rafa’s future wife and her five friends were seen at the airport of the Palma de Mallorca in dresses fit for a bachelorette party. The paper elaborated that the girls were seen in a celebratory mood walking around the airport and were having a great time.

Rumours about Rafa’s engagement and wedding

The Spaniard legend and her girlfriend were rumoured to have got engaged in January this year. The two have been growing strong for last 14 years. Though there are rumours surrounding their impending marriage, Nadal has been upset with media focusing on his marriage rumours.

Who is Rafa Nadal’s girlfriend?

Xisca Perello was born as Maria Francisca Perello. The 30-year old girl is a business graduate and is an insurance worker. She also works as the director in the Rafa Nadal Foundation.

The foundation was started in 2008 and focusses on sports and education help young people have a bright future.

Xisca Perello does not attend most of the matched played by Rafael Nadal and she says that she does it to preserve her relationship and thinks that too much meeting with Rafa might distract him.

In an interview Xisca explained:

“He needs his space when he is competing, and just the idea of me hanging around and waiting on his needs all day tires me out.

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