Measuring greatness is tricky with the few of tennis greats around and best in their own way but after the Wimbledon win, many think that Novak Djokovic will be ahead than both Federer and Nadal in terms of the highest number of Grand Slam wins. Arguably, Federer is considered as the greatest tennis player of all times but Djokovic has plenty of time ahead and he is not far behind and may take over the Swiss in coming years. Some also argue that Djokovic is ahead of the Swiss great in terms that the current world no.3  won his earlier Grand Slams by competing with some of the weaker players as at that time great players like Sampras and Agassi had retired and Djokovic and Nadal were still to rise, on the other hand, Djokovic had to face Federer and Nadal at the peak of their tennis.

How many Grand Slams Djokovic has won?

John McEnroe, one of the greatest ever, thinks that Novak Djokovic will win more Grand Slams than his great rivals, Federer and Nadal. At the moment, Nadal has 18 Grand Slam titles, Roger Federer has 20 Grand Slam titles and the Serb has 16 Grand Slams.

Speaking on ESPN, McEnroe commented: “At the end of the day, this guy may have more than all of them.”

The Serb had echoed a similar point fo view in an interview saying that he will fight for more Grand Slam trophies and that is what inspires and motivates him.

He said that he is prepared for what takes it to be the best in the world:

“I work very hard every single day to not have any fears. I think that fears are the biggest enemy of all of us in every aspect of our beings, whatever we do. If I paid too much attention to my fears, I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I have.”

Further, he said that he loves the sport and has a passion for it. The joy which he derives from playing the sport keeps him in high spirits and achieve the best results:

“I try to focus on the positive emotions that drive me, like passion, joy and the pure inspiration to play the sport that I love. I have to always go back to that core: the fact that I enjoy just holding a racket and playing on a daily basis on any regular court, not just the centre court of Grand Slams, brings me that excitement and that joy that pushes me to keep on going, so I’ve had to rediscover this inner joy of motivation, of playing. And not only to win or lose but playing for the sake of enjoying the game.”

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Take care of yourself Novak otherwise everything around you suffers. The road to every win or loss is different. I am a great fan of yours and Nick is right, I want to throw up every time you do the heart thing at the end of your victory. Head to head you have beaten both Nadal and Federer you don’t need to show them anything else. People who know tennis. McEnroe, Becker and McKendry the way they speak about you that is a class act as for the lords and ladies that Federer schmoozes with that also makes me throw… Read more »