Tennis players most swiped on Tinder at the Olympics

Participating in the Olympic Games gives definitely a sort of aura to the athletes on and off their specialties. Tinder measured the sex appeal of these athletes with a survey, and something interesting came out.

According to the dating app, the activity around the Olympic Village increased by 129% in the past week and, surprisingly, the most “admired” male athletes were not the swimmers in the male category.

Tennis rules!

According to Tinder, the most appreciated (or swiped) male athletes were tennis players (proud of this!), followed by weightlifting, gymnastics, judo, shooting (weird), and boxing.

Regarding the females, the winning groups were table tennis (strange), followed by hockey, rowing, weightlifting, swimming and rugby.

Happy for tennis, and relieved that 450,000 condoms were distributed for free at the Olympic Village. You’ll never know!