Guido Pella’s girlfriend: “I love Roger Federer”. The Argentine replies….

Guido Pella's girlfriend excited for taking a selfie with Roger Federer

Stephanie Denmer and Roger Federer

Roger Federer is among the most admired athletes in the world, and he has won the ATP Fan’s Favorite Award for 16 consecutive years.

Therefore, everyone wants to have a selfie with Roger, and that is what happened to Guido Pella’s girlfriend Stephanie Denmer that professed her “love” for the Swiss Maestro when posting a selfie with him on Instagram.

Stephanie wrote (translated): “Hi Roger I love you a lot ❤️ @rogerfederer(sorry my love, @guido_pella , you will understand me 😁) #Wimbledon#rogerfederer ❤️”

Guido replied: “I love him more than you, is the 1 His majesty tremendous photo”

That is what happens when Roger is around. Still. Mirka very much in charge!

Who is Guido Pella’s girlfriend Stephanie Demner