Rafael Nadal was born on 3rd June 1986 to Sebastian Nadal and Ana María Parera. His father was a businessman and his mother a housewife. Nadal’s uncle Miguel Angel Nadal is a former professional soccer player while the other uncle, Toni Nadal played tennis and he is credited with discovering the natural tennis talent in Nadal. Toni is also the coach of Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal’s parents and sister

Rafa’s parents separated in 2009, which Rafa said that ‘destroyed his body and soul’. Rafael reveals in his autobiography, that he was stunned when he heard from his father that the things were not well between him and his wife (Rafa’s mother). It obviously shook him to the core and affected his play as well. He felt depressed and felt no joy when he won matches.

Rafa is very close to his 5 years younger sister Maira Isabel, also known as Maribel. The two share a special bond though Rafael has been so busy and became a huge star. She says: “He’s always urged me to come along when he goes out with his friends. It’s natural to us, even if others might sometimes find it strange, and it’s part of the secret of our special bond.”

Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend

Rafael Nadal broke many hearts when it was revealed that he is engaged to his long-term girlfriend Xisca Perello. She is a business graduate and works as an insurance worker. She is also the director in the Rafa Nadal Foundation. Nadal and Perello are all set to get married in Mallorca this autumn. HOLA! magazine has revealed that Nadal proposed Perello in Rome last May.

Xisca keeps a low profile and she does not have any social media account. She also does not like to follow Rafael all over the world. She explains this by saying that Rafa needs his space and she also thinks that there is a risk that they might stop getting along.

Recently Rafa had also expressed his desire to become a father soon but at the same time added that it all depended on his playing career as it was not ideal for kids if he kept on traveling throughout the year.

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