Bernard Tomic fined £45,000 for lack of effort in Wimbledon

Bernard Tomic clashing again with the Wimbledon organization. See the statement

Bernad Tomic fined in Wimbledon

Bernard Tomic is not well-known to put always his very best effort when playing tennis. The Australian has been nicknamed “the tank engine” because he is used to giving up matches when things get difficult showing the intention of just pocketing the prize money.

This is what happened in Wimbledon where he lost an embarrassing first round (6-2 6-1 6-4) in just 58 minutes to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. There were already rumors about the fact that the Australian could lose the entire prize money (£45,000). However, during the press conference following his defeat, Tomic said he wasn’t worried about a possible fine to comment: “I think I played as best as I could. It’s just I played terrible.”

Currently ranked no.96, Tomic has already a tricky history in Wimbledon as back in 2017 he admitted he faked an injury and complained of being bored when losing to Mischa Zverev.


Why Tomic was fined

The Wimbledon organization released the following statement


The Grand Slam Rule Book regarding First Round Performance states the following:

“All players are expected to perform to a professional standard in every Grand Slam match. With respect to First Round Performance, if in the opinion of the Referee the player did not perform to the required professional standard, the Referee may determine that the player be subject to a fine of up to first round prize money.”

It is the opinion of the Referee that the performance of Bernard Tomic in his first round match against Jo- Wilfried Tsonga did not meet the required professional standards, and therefore he has been fined the maximum amount of £45,000 which will be deducted from prize money.”

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