Viktor Troicki will not be remembered as a gentleman in Wimbledon.

The episode

The Serbian loses his cool after the chair umpire Damiano Torella over-rules a call when the Serbian was 3-5 30-30 down against Alberto Ramos. The Spaniard blasted a serve that was called out and the Italian decided to change the call. At that moment, Troicki lost it (not the first time in his career), to grab the ball and go and show it to the umpire adding that there was no white chalk on the ball (so according to Viktor that was the proof that the serve was out).


Troicki blasted at the umpire saying that he was the “Worst umpire ever in the world. What are you doing? Did you see the ball? You’re so bad.” 

The second rant. YOU ARE HORRIBLE!

Troicki lost the match after the following point; after shaking hands with his opponent, Viktor went to the umpire to say “Do you know what you did? Do you know what you did? Do you know what you did?” You’re horrible. Well, then you’re an idiot I’m sorry about that. You’re an idiot. You didn’t see anything today. Are you aware of that? You made 30 mistakes. Not for me but for him also.”


The third rant during the interview

Troicki wasn;t delicate also during the press conference to add “He should be the one who is fined, he cost me. I’m not saying he cost me the match, but he cost me an important point.I behaved well. I didn’t do anything until that moment. He’s doing such a match, and I’ve never seen him in my whole career. That’s just crazy.

“I spoke to the referee after the match, and I think it shouldn’t happen that such a chair umpire can be on the singles court with the men’s on grass, where there is no Hawk-Eye.He’s not able to do a proper job, so I told him that. I was just boiling at that stage. I just couldn’t talk normally.”

Not great.

Is this the worst meltdown in tennis history?





Your Opinion?

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Robert S

Probably Janowicz at the AO and Jeff Tarango were even worst. Troicki in Rome was also epic stuff. This will be remembered as one of the biggest though.

Robert S

I forgot McEnroein Wimbledon when he went ballistic when an ace was called out after the ball got the line and a big “white puff” was in the air.

Paul Laconte

1st the ball looked in. 2nd you cannot call “idiot” a hair umpire. I hope they will suspend him. I am just happy he was sidelined for doping, I do not like him at all.

Phil Steven

Troicki is an idiot. At least he is funny


He should be fine and suspended for that outburst.