Rafael Nadal is having a rather tormented Wimbledon so far even if the Championships didn’t start yet.

The talk of the week was the unfair algorithm that the organization at the SW19 has been using to determine the seeding. Eventually, after the formula was applied, Nadal was seeded n.3 (even if he is ranked no.2) to open up the opportunity of a potential “early clash” against Novak Djokovic in the semifinal. Finally, everything fell in “the right place” and Rafa fell in Federer’s half. However, the Spaniard was extremely unlucky as he is projected to face Nick Kyrgios in the second round.

The Australian is probably the most dangerous floater in Wimbledon because on an any given day he can beat anyone, especially on grass.

In addition, back in May, Kyrgios had some horrible comments about Rafael Nadal and his Uncle. The King of Clay was labeled as a “very bad loser” while his uncle was called “an idiot.”

Nick Kyrgios brutally attacks Djokovic and Nadal

Back in February, Rafa lost a tough match at the hands of Nick Kyrgios in the 2nd round in Acapulco when the Australian was in full steam with his antics to draw the ire of the Spaniard (article).

Rafael Nadal about Nick Kyrgios

The world no.2 had a rather abrupt answer during the pre-tournament press conference in Wimbledon when asked about the Australian to comment

I don’t know Nick, being honest. I don’t want to talk about Nick much because I am not playing against Nick. I am playing against Sugita.

Every match is tough. If I am able to win my match and if Nick is able to win his match, you will have the time to ask me about the next match, no? That’s all.”

Rafa and Nick have a 3-all win-loss record and everyone is eager to see a potential clash in the 2nd round. The big question mark is if Kyrgios “wants that” after what he said back in May. You can expect many antics in his 1st round against Jordan Thompson.

Head 2 Head

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5 - 2
4 - 1
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