Tennis player claims relationship with Princess Diana

Weird Stuff!

Not many people may remember Slobodan Zivojinovic; the Serbian has managed to be the world no.1 in doubles back in the 80s, and he achieved a world no.19 rank in 1987. Slobodan will be remembered for something else. 

The revelation

According to the nzhearld, Slobodan, 52, said that the became “very close” when Diana was engaged with Prince Charles. “In our first conversation, she asked me if I am the tennis player with the fastest serve, and I said, ‘yes’. Then she asked if my serve was still good. Shortly after that we started seeing each other,” he commented. “I don’t want to speak about it in any detail now that she is no longer with us. What I can say is that it is great when someone like her comes to watch the match and supports you. Never happened to me before that someone from the royal family came to support me.”