Novak Djokovic was among the players that have been targeted by Nick Kyrgios in a recent podcast in Rome back in May. The Australian had some brutal comments about Djokovic, Nadal, Uncle Toni, and Fernando Verdasco (see article) to raise many eyebrows.

Djokovic about Kyrgios

Nole is currently in Serbia, and as reported by the Sportklub, he shared his thoughts about Kyrgios to comment

“What can I say about Nick Kyrgios?

I really think he’s not really a bad guy. I do not know why he says all these things. Whether he wants to draw attention or there are some other reasons. He obviously wants to be honest, open, transparent, and that is part of his character.

Kyrgios is disrespectful

The Nole added, “I respect him, respect anyone, what can I do? I do not have a problem with that; he can speak whatever he wants.

Does he show respect as most others do? No. It’s his own way of communication and relationships, but I really do not think he’s a bad guy.”

Djokovic offered to help Kyrgios

The world no.1 disclosed that he wanted to help the Australian during his darkest moments to say “I had the opportunity to meet him before he started off his public criticism on me, even before at the US Open, I think, five years ago, I offered help, when everyone criticized him for his behavior. In the sense that he could contact me if he needed anything because myself at the beginning of my career I suffered a lot of criticism at my own expense and I went through similar situations. I do not know, from that moment on; something has changed, that’s it.”

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Djokovic and Kyrgios at the net

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