Roger Federer keeps on being the highest paid tennis player in the world.

At almost 38 years of age, the Swiss sensation keeps on earning the big bucks from his lucrative endorsements. According to Forbes, in 2018 Roger was the 5th highest paid athlete in the world making $93.5 mil of which “only” 7.4 mil from the prize money and $86 mil of endorsements.

Novak Djokovic earnings

The world no.1 earned “only” $50.6 mil of which $20.6 from the prize money and $30 mil from the endorsements to be the 17th most paid athlete in the world.

Kei Nishikori beats Rafael Nadal

Quite surprisingly, Key Nishikori (no.35) earned more than Rafael Nadal (no.37). The Japanese made $37.3 mil ($4.3 mil prize money and $33 mil from endorsement) while the Spaniard pocketed $35 mil ($9 mil from prize money and $24 mil from endorsements).

Serena Williams the only female in the top100

According to Forbes, the American legend is the only woman to break in the top100 on this special list. Serena (no.63) earned $29.2 mil ($4.2 mil in prize money and $25 mil in endorsement).

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Roger Federer

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