AMAZING DATA. Why Chingotto and Galan were so successful in the Genoa P2 final

chingotto galan

It was time for the finals in Genoa on Sunday, a title match that would match Coello-Tapia and Chingotto Galan, the two pairs that lead the globe in padel.

The seventh matchup between the current pairs began with Fede and Ale ahead 4-3 in the head-to-head. Up to this point, every match had gone to a third set, with the exception of one, demonstrating the parity that existed between the two pairs.

But Jorge Martinez’s team saw things differently, and they set out to finish what can only be described as a first-rate encounter.The importance of the encounter that the Spanish-Argentine couple played yesterday is such that a double 6-1 win against Coello-Tapia in 45 minutes of play is unique.

One statistic from the final stands out above the rest: the world’s second-ranked duo made an unintentional mistake (Chingotto). It is a true pipe dream to think about something like that in matches this intense, another notch in the ever-impressive revolver of a duo that never lets up.