Lebron and Navarro send each other heartfelt messages prior to their final tournament together in Malaga.

Juan Lebron and Paquito Navarro are rekindling their "bromance" partnership following their last tournament in Malaga, but have not achieved desired results.

lebron and navarro

Before their final tournament together in Malaga, Juan Lebron and Paquito Navarro appear to be borrowing a leaf from the classic “bromance” playbook. After Lebron broke up with Galan, they made the decision to work together once more, but they weren’t successful in getting the desired outcomes. They will therefore compete in their final competition this coming week in Malaga.

On social media, Lebron shared the following message:

“Pacorro friend… this time it couldn’t have been as we would have liked! Thank you for accepting the challenge and giving it your all. Grateful for these months with you and for enjoying it on and off the track! I feel proud to have carried the flag of Andalusia around the world together 🐺🎸

Thanks to the entire team, family… who have been part and have accompanied us during this stage. I wish you good luck in your new project, you are very great ❤️

Let’s enjoy the last dance together in Malaga!”

Navarro replied: “A pleasure to accompany you this second stage 🙌🏻. Good luck on your new project.”


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