How to strike the ball with a kick smash from the right side

The coach gives Mathijs some tips on how to get better at his right-side kick smash technique. These include feeling the ball, holding the racket lower, using the back end grip, honing footwork and side rotation, and practicing bench pressing. The speaker places a strong emphasis on playing the ball to the right side for a lob return, using the proper grip, and identifying contact points.


As a right-handed player, the coach offers advice on how to enhance Mathijs’ kick smash technique from the right side. The coach advises Mathijs to concentrate on feeling the ball, practicing side rotation and footwork, and using the back end grip to hold the racket lower because he lacks power in his smash.

In order to enhance arm rotation and strike the ball from seven to two o’clock rather than behind, the coach also has Mathijs practice seated on a bench. In a different segment, the speaker stresses how crucial it is to use the proper grip for a kick smash, giving examples of both the Continental and kick smash grips and how to turn the grip all the way to the rear. In order to learn the kick smash technique, he also emphasizes how important it is to recognize the contact point and practice footwork and contact point variation. The speaker also stresses the need of strong footwork, positioning near the fence, and getting underneath the ball to efficiently move it out of the court. She also suggests playing the ball to the right side of the court to encourage a lob return.