HIGHLIGHTS. Galan and Chingotto annihilate Tapia and Coello in the Genova P2 Padel final

Galan-Chingotto defeated Tapia-Coello in the Genova P2 Padel final, 6-1, 6-1, thanks to their strong performance and impressive collaboration, solidifying their position as one of the best duos in padel.

Chingotto Galan

Galan-Chingotto produced a strong performance in the Genova P2 Padel final, overcoming Tapia-Coello with an astounding score of 6-1, 6-1. In less than an hour, Galan and Chingotto’s superb collaboration and clever play were on full display during the contest.

Galan-Chingotto jumped out to an early lead in the opening set and continued to play a solid offensive and defensive game, making it difficult for Tapia-Coello to catch up. They were able to firmly win the opening set because to their accurate shots and fluid moves on the court.

Similar patterns were seen in the second set as Galan-Chingotto kept up their momentum and command of the match. The combined strength of Galan and Chingotto was too much for Tapia-Coello, who made a brave attempt to turn the tide and win the set and match decisively.

Galan-Chingotto’s victory is a noteworthy accomplishment that enhances their standing as one of the best duos in the padel globe.