MALAGA P1 PADEL DRAW. Coello, Tapia, Galan, Chingotto, Navarro and Lebron the players to watch

The Malaga P1 Padel tournament features top players like Coello, Tapia, Galan, Chingotto, Navarro, and Lebron. The draw determines matchups and schedules, with Coello and Tapia seeded first, followed by Chingotto and Galan.

padel draw in malaga with chingotto and galan

Top players including Coello, Tapia, Galan, Chingotto, Navarro, and Lebron are expected to compete in the intriguing Malaga P1 Padel tournament. The players’ schedule and matchups will be decided by the draw for this competition.

The Malaga P1 Padel tournament’s draw has been made public. The top players will receive high seeds and may play each other in the tournament’s later stages.

This is the draw, where Chingotto and Galan are ranked second and third, respectively, after Coello and Tapia.

mens draw padel malaga

womens draw padel malaga