GENOVA PREMIER PADEL P2. Ale Galan thanks “Super Raton” Chingotto after defeating Navarro and Lebron

Ale Galan thanked Federico Chingotto, aka "Super Raton," following their triumph in the Genova Premier Padel P2 competition over Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron. Together, they have won numerous titles.

ale galan thanks super raton chingotto after great win over navarro and lebron in genova

After their thrilling victory over Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron, Ale Galan thanked his partner Federico Chingotto, dubbed “Super Raton.” The Genova Premier Padel P2 tournament semifinal match was a display of Galan and Chingotto’s amazing skill and coordination.

Their victory over Lebron and Navarro was a noteworthy accomplishment, and Galan was fast to credit Chingotto for helping them get there. Together, the pair has been playing incredibly well, winning several tournaments, including their maiden Premier Padel title. Great synergy and mutual respect have characterized their cooperation; Galan even acknowledged that at first, he was anxious about training with Chingotto.


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