That (probably) didn’t last much.

On January, Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina announced to the entire world that they were in a romantic relationship in style after opening a joined Instagram account (GEMS Life) to document their involvement.

The account had many followers and it was full of videos and photos of the couple doing their own stuff such as training together, making fun at each other and, of course, show their happiness.

The account was a “monument” also to diversity given their different ethnicity and it also had top characters appearing on it such as Roger Federer that a few months ago “pretended” to video bomb them (on their request).

Why it’ plausible they broke up

Event if Gael and Elina were seen and filmed training together at the Roland Garros a few days ago their account was suddenly deactivated, and there are no joint pictures on their personal account (besides a couple of videos where they are training).

Hoping that the rumour is not true, it’s often difficult for “tennis couples” to last because of their hectic schedules and the stress related to their activities.

More to come.


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