Federer blasts at the French Open for women’s scheduling

Federer French Open

This edition of the French Open will not be remembered as the best-organized slam… to say the least.

The organization is under fire for many episodes that often disrespected the players. A few days ago, Dominic Thiem was kicked out from the press conference room to make space to Serena Williams that was then unfairly criticized in the Social Media.

The French Open looked unable to cope with adverse weather conditions and eventually they scheduled the women’s semifinals on “court no.2” and “court no.3” both at 11 am with the disbelief of the tennis fans.

Yesterday, they went to an all new level to postpone the semifinal between Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem because of a rain that didn’t really come.

Federer “surprised” about the women’s scheduling

During the press conference following his loss to Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer admitted that he was perplexed by the decision of the French Open to schedule women’s semifinals on secondary courts.

The Swiss commented

You make it all the way to the semis, and you get put on the third-biggest court at 11. It’s a tough one. When I saw the schedule, also, I was a little bit, like, surprised.”

WTA CEO Steve Simon furious with the French Open for disrespecting women’s tennis with scheduling