French Open accused of favoring Djokovic with bizarre decision

Commentators wonder why the Djokovic vs. Thiem semifinal was postponed if there was no rain

French Open

“This is going to stink,” this is what former world no.1 and top TV commentator Jim Courier said after a controversial and rather bizarre decision from the French Open to postpone the semifinal between Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem for rain when there was no rain!

Djokovic struggling in the wind

The world no.1 was clearly struggling to play in the wind. Eventually, Nole was magnificent to win the 2nd set even if his timing was completely off.

In the first set, Nole called the supervisor to ask if there was any policy against extremely windy conditions, but it was confirmed that the play had to continue. The match was interrupted for a few minutes because of the rain in the 2nd set, and that was crucial for the Serbian sensation to regroup after he lost the opener and make it even (2-6 6-3).

However, the play was interrupted again in the 3rd set soon after Thiem broke Djokovic (3-1). Later it was announced that the match would resume the day after. The irony is that the sun was shining soon after!

Jim Courier, John Inverdale, and Annabel Croft vs. the French Open

The organization of the Roland Garros was heavily criticized by top commentators.

Jim Courier commented

“This is going to sting, and it’s going to stink. These conditions are very difficult for Novak, these are very advantageous for Dominic Thiem.”

“Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer came ready to accept the conditions and so did Dominic Thiem. But Novak came ready to not like them. The happiest person right now would be Novak on his way back home.”

John Inverdale said that the “[Djokovic] player power” was used and Eurosport’s Annabel Croft commented saying “I’m gobsmacked.”