Suarez Navarro triumphs in Doha

Carla Suarez Navarro wins the tournament in Doha after a rather scaring start.

What happened?

Carla was facing upcoming star Jelena Ostapenko (we will hear a lot about her) to be trashed 6-1 in the opener. The Spaniard ha managed to fight back and win the 2nd set (6-4), but things got ugly again in the decider as Carla was 2-0 down. At that point it was the time of Jelena to implode and lose 4 consecutive games (2-4). Suarez Navarro didn’t lose the hold to finally win the match 1-6 6-4 6-4.

Suarez Navarro. I was nervous.

Carla commented “I started a little bit nervous and she started really good. It’s not easy to play like this, and I lost the first set but I believed, I fought, I run, and finally I won.”


Ostapenko. This is the first step

At 18 years of age Jelena looked quite in control of the situation to comment “It was a great week for me, and congrats to Carla for such a great match today. I was just trying to play how I can and show my best; I hope you enjoyed watching me play.

After this tournament Carla will reach a world o.6 career high and she will be no.2 in the Road to Singapore rankings. No bad!