HIGHLIGHTS. Premier Padel 2024: Galan-Chingotto defeat Tapia-Coello to win the Bnl Italy Major in Rome


Ale Galan and Federico Chingotto won the Bnl Italy Major Premier Padel 2024 after defeating Agustin Tapia Arturo Coello 6-4, 1-6, and 6-1. Chingalan defeated Coello and Tapia for the third time in a rematch in the sixth final. Fede exacts revenge for losing to the same Coello and Tapia in 2023, while Galan triumphs in his first major since 2022 in Paris.

At the conclusion of this game, Tapia is once more placed in the refrigerator. The tallest person on the track in Rome’s Foro Italico is called Chingotto. He literally “eats” Coello.