Ball boys are probably the sweetest figures in tennis. They have the chances to stay in touch with their tennis idols often dreaming of taking their places when they grow up just like Roger Federer did when he was young.

Unfortunately, quite often they are abused by the tennis players that are also used to treat them like servants on court.

Verdasco vs. the ball boy

Fernando Verdasco is not one of the easiest players to deal with on court. The talented Spaniard often has problems with nerves to display some erratic behaviors. In the past, the Spaniard was caught shouting at a ball boy in Shenzhen for being too slow in giving him the towel leaving the guy in distress.

During a match at the French Open, Verdasco was assisted by a ball boy that was holding an umbrella to shield the Spaniard from the sun. Fernando tried to give back a bottle of water while it was clear that the guy had his hands already full. The ball boy showed the place where the Spaniard could put the bottle like saying: “It’s there, you can do it by yourself.”

The gesture was widely admired by social media.

Verdasco vs. Kyrgios

Fernando’s reputation was already damaged a few weeks ago when in Rome Nick Kyrgios described the guy as extremely arrogant.

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