Is Alexander Bublik the new Nick Kyrgios?

Alexander Bublik is displaying a similar behaviour to Nick Kyrgios'. Is this good or bad for tennis?

Bublik like Kyrgios

World no.91 Alexander Bublik from Kazakhstan is one of the most interesting players on tour with his crazy variations and unorthodox game.

However, according to many, the youngster seems to be a “copy and paste” of Nick Kyrgios as he is doing some of his crazy shots and he is often caught alternating “mad” 2nd serve aces with questionable (but successful) underarm serves.

During his recent match at the Roland Garros against Dominic Thiem Alexander was also seen playing the same “weird bottle game” that Kyrgios was recently playing in Miami.

The good side of it is that Bublik is not caught (yet) displaying Kyrgios’ antics.

QUESTION: So, is this good or bad for tennis?