PADEL BEGINNERS. How to begin padel playing

The YouTube video provides tips for new padel players, including investing in a suitable racket, wearing appropriate footwear, finding a good group, focusing on consistency, learning ball speed, serving time, and earning winners.The YouTube video provides advice for beginners in padel, including purchasing a good racket, selecting appropriate footwear, forming a good group, focusing on consistency, mastering ball speed, and winning.

padel for beginner

For novice padel players, the coach provides guidance. Purchasing a medium-soft, reasonably light padel racket is the first piece of advice; experiment to find the ideal fit.

The second piece of advice is to wear proper footwear. For improved stability, gradually transition from running shoes to padel shoes.

The third piece of advice is to locate a decent group of players for social matches so you can try out various shots and get better all around.

The fourth tip highlights the value of consistency by emphasizing control and producing the most balls.

The fifth piece of advice is to get better at controlling the ball’s speed for increased efficacy and consistency.

The sixth tip advises taking your time to provide a more precise and reliable serve.

In order to prevent being attacked, tip seven stresses the significance of getting the serve return in and keeping it low over the net.

In addition to selecting a strong partner and gaining coaching guidance early on, tip eight suggests earning wins by getting the ball in play and placing opponents in challenging situations.