How to train tennis players that want to switch to padel

Focusing on controlled shots and foot work can improve control and strategy. Tennis players transitioning to padel should focus on bouncing off walls, teamwork, and focusing on control and strategy over power for improved comfort and performance.

Padel-2 tennis player playing
tennis player playing padel

Three pieces of advice are given to tennis players who want to switch to padel from a tennis player.

The first piece of advice is to give the ball some time to bounce off the walls on the padel court rather than volleying or blocking it in front of the glass. Play at the rear of the court is improved and comfort with the glass surface is improved by this method.

The second piece of advice is to put strategy and control ahead of power. By drawing opponents nearer to the net, you can actually gain an advantage by hitting harder shots.

The final piece of advice is to move as a team while playing, covering for one another and exchanging information on the court. In order to increase control, consistency, and gain knowledge of tactics and strategy, the coach advises players to concentrate on controlled strokes during their upcoming padel match. This includes lobbing opponents and shooting for feet shots.