Learn how to reach the net and how to play from winning padel positions

Sandy encourages viewers to sign up for ThePadelSchool.com's tactics course or The Padel School+ for more tactical and match play skills.Sandy emphasizes proper court posture in padel tennis, focusing on back and net positions, finishing points, and aiming for separation lines.


In his discussion of the importance of proper court posture for padel tennis, Sandy pays particular attention to the back and net positions. Players aiming for the back position should take a step back from the service line and a few steps to the side glass, or they can aim for the intersection of the separation lines.

Players can cover their half well and move to hit the ball before returning from this base court position. Players should keep the net in tact and concentrate on scoring points while keeping an eye on their opponents’ shots and modifying their positioning accordingly.

Getting too close to the net and trying to finish when it’s not possible are common blunders. Additionally, the coach stresses the value of lateral movement at the net, closing gaps with partners, and reading opponents’ shots. He recommends that those interested in honing their tactical and match-playing talents enroll in ThePadelSchool.com’s tactics course or The Padel School+.