How Padel volleys can be improved by tennis players

Mathijs receives coaching to enhance volleys, focusing on padel court control and aggression, focusing on striking the ball close to the body, stepping in, and setting the racket correctly.

How We Adapted His Tennis Volley to This Superior Padel Volley

Mathijs, a tennis player with paddle experience, receives coaching from the instructor to help him volley more aggressively and with better control on the padel court. They present the block play drill, in which Mathijs hits two balls simultaneously with a slight backswing to maximize control. For efficient follow-through, the coach places a strong emphasis on stepping in, setting the racket correctly, and striking the ball close to the body.

It is suggested that Mathijs concentrate on hitting the ball near to his body rather than hitting it in front of him. The coach proposes striking the ball a little further on the outside for additional force and shows how to hit a deeper volley with the top of the racket. In the last stage, Mathijs is told to prepare higher and closer to his body, stop his left elbow in the ideal spot for a slice and speed combo, and turn more to improve his volley. Mathijs says he is confident in his enhanced abilities and is prepared to take on opponents in the games the following week.