How quickly can I execute a backhand volley in padel?

The coach advises on improving backhand volley force and speed by rotating, hitting simultaneously, using a long stroke, using a high-to-low racket position, and executing efficient volleys.

How to execute a quick backhand volley in padel
hot to perform a fast backhand volley in padel

The coach gives tips on how to improve the strength and velocity of a padel backhand volley. Some pointers include hitting slightly away from the body, stepping and hitting at the same time, moving the shoulders to generate greater force, and concentrating on the right contact places.

The coach also advises employing a teardrop or diamond-shaped racket for increased speed and power, staying away from hitting the ball too early or too close to the body, and utilizing a high-to-low racket position. In addition, the coach discusses how to execute efficient backhand volleys depending on the location and speed of the incoming ball. For close balls, the coach recommends soft blocks with a two-handed grip, and for faster balls, longer swings. In general, the coach stresses that quick and efficient backhand volleys require good technique, muscular engagement, and flexibility.