How to make your vibora better

Hello Padel Academy's head coach, Mauri Andrini, emphasizes scoring points in padel, advising players to split step, keep racket tight, prepare from closer stance, focus on rapid movements, and use tactical thinking


The head coach of Hello Padel Academy, Mauri Andrini, provides commentary on the modifications and enhancements for the Vibora shot in padel. In contrast to the bandeja shot, the Vibora shot is more concerned with scoring the point than keeping the net position.

For safety, Mauri suggests that players take a split step before striking and hold the racket by the neck. The Vibora shot, however, needs practice and can be dangerous. The coach advises maintaining wrist stillness and practicing the shot from a closer vantage point. Additionally, when the ball is coming from above or the body, he cautions against using the Vibora shot. The coach goes on to stress the value of rapid movements, reducing wrist action, and using strategy when playing padel.