How to perform a strong smash in padel

The YouTube video emphasizes the importance of calm, rapid, whip-like movements in generating power in padel, highlighting the role of flexibility and elasticity.

How to Deliver a Potent Smash

The coach cautions against depending solely on tensed muscles to enhance one’s smashing power. Rather, they advise building explosive force by descending quickly and relaxedly and then releasing quickly and whip-like. Emphasis is placed on the necessity of having a loose, relaxed arm and wrist to produce racket head speed and successful smashes.

The coach emphasizes the value of flexibility and suppleness in producing power in padel by using LeBron as an example. The lecturer advises the audience to concentrate on speed and relaxation during practice or competition in order to improve their power smashes. In a later video, the speaker plans to provide three suggestions for enhancing top spin smashes.