In padel, learn when to smash and when to let the ball bounce.

The coach discusses the challenges of executing a defensive smash in padel tennis and suggests players assess their skills and return to the net before attempting one.


In padel tennis, the coach examines the defensive smash. With a defensive smash, the player can direct the ball into corners with a sliced or flat shot by hitting it from a distance and at a higher or deeper lob. There are two main problems, though, if a player has to reach behind to make contact because the ball has passed over their head.

Recovery becomes difficult as their body weight first shifts away from the neck posture. Second, while contacting from behind, it’s challenging to add slice or a flat ball. This can lead to a topspin shot that may bounce up for the opponent before they reach the glass or hit the glass and come up, giving them the opportunity to attack the ball.

Before completing a smash, the coach tells the players to evaluate their abilities to hit one and reclaim the net position. Should that not be the case, it is advised to allow the ball to bounce off the glass, attack it with lob shots from behind, and then advance up the court once more.