3 REASONS why Naomi Osaka was struggling at the French Open

The Japanese explains why she was so nervous in her opening match at the French Open


Naomi Osaka had a rather tricky start of her Roland Garros after she was badly bagelled in the opening set (6-0) by the world no. 90 Anna Schmiedlova.Eventually, the Japanese found her way back to win the match 0-6 7-6 (4) 6-1, but that 1st set was pretty weird.

Why I was so nervous. OSAKA

In the press conference following her match, the Japanese tried to analyze what happened to say

“This is the most nervous I have ever been my entire life during a match.

You could see that in the first set. I was literally not hitting any balls in the court. I can give you logical reasons, but I’m not really a logical person. So it might be something else.

Logical reasons: (1) first time playing a Grand Slam as number one. (2) Won the last two, so I want to win this one really bad. (3) I have never played on Chatrier before. This was my first time.

And I feel like I’m having the thought of wanting to prove myself again.”

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