WATCH. Coco Gauff appears in nice spot for New Balance

Coco Gauff stars in a new New Balance advertisement, showcasing her athleticism and influence as a prominent ambassador for the brand.

Watch. Coco Gauff Appears In Nice Spot For New Balance

Coco Gauff, the rising star of women’s tennis, recently appeared in a new advertisement for New Balance. The young American athlete, known for her powerful game and impressive achievements on the court, has become a prominent ambassador for the sportswear brand.

In the advertisement, Gauff is seen sporting the latest New Balance apparel, showcasing her dynamic style and athletic prowess. The campaign emphasizes not only her skill as a tennis player but also her role as an inspirational figure for young athletes around the world.

Gauff’s partnership with New Balance has been a significant aspect of her career, providing her with the support and resources to enhance her performance. Her presence in the advertisement highlights her influence both on and off the court, as she continues to inspire a new generation of tennis players.

As Gauff continues to make strides in her professional career, her collaboration with New Balance reinforces her status as a key player in the world of sports endorsements. Fans and aspiring athletes alike look up to her for her dedication, resilience, and style, making her a perfect fit for the brand’s image.

Coco Gauff in 2024

Coco Gauff

30 - 9win/loss

20 year old
2024 Highlights

Currently the world no.3 (career-high), Gauff played her last match on the 16th of May when she was defeated by world no.1 Iga Swiatek 6-4 6-3 in the semifinal in Rome (draw).

This season Coco achieved a compiled 25-8 match record. Coco clinched 1 title in Auckland.

Coco Gauff will compete against the world no.208 Julia Avdeeva in the 1st round on Monday at 5:00 pm on Court SUZANNE-LENGLEN. They have never played each other so far in top events.

Coco has won 1 title in 2024 in Auckland.

Gauff won 7 titles in her career: 5 on hard courts, 1 on clay courts and 1 on indoor courts. (See the list of her titles)

Gauff's Record