Mar del Plata Premier Padel P1: location, participants, and schedule

The Mar del Plata Premier Padel P1 competition, held at Polideportivo Islas Malvinas in Mar del Plata, Argentina, will feature top players like Arturo Coello, Federico Chingotto, Francisco Navarro, Franco Stupaczuk, Juan Tello, Agustin Tapia, Alejandro Galan, Juan Lebron, and Martin Di Nenno, with a prize pool of €470,000.

mar de plata

The prestigious Polideportivo Islas Malvinas, located in the center of Mar del Plata, Argentina, is the venue for the Premier Padel P1 competition. With its cutting-edge facilities, this legendary location is ready to welcome a global audience for a week-long celebration of padel, the fastest-rising racket sport in the world, from May 20 to May 26, 2024.

The event, which has a draw size of 48 men’s pairs and 32 women’s pairs playing for a sizable prize pool of €470,000., promises to be a show of ability and strategy. The qualifying rounds begin on May 18 and set the stage for the main draw matches that are sure to excite both players and spectators.

The Mar del Plata Premier Padel P1 is more than just a competition—it’s a showcase for the players’ enthusiasm and commitment as well as that of the officials and spectators. Every serve, every volley, and every point in this game tells a tale of challenge and victory. The players compete not only for the championship, but also for the enjoyment of the sport, the applause of the audience, and the opportunity to leave their mark on padel history when they take to the courts.

So mark your calendars and get ready for an incredible week of padel action at the Mar del Plata Premier Padel P1, where a unique athletic experience will be created by the fusion of international talent and Argentinian flare.

Among the top players taking part in the competition are:

Arturo Coello (ESP)
Federico Chingotto (ARG)
Francisco Navarro (ESP)
Franco Stupaczuk (ARG)
Juan Tello (ARG)
Agustin Tapia (ARG)
Alejandro Galan (ESP)
Juan Lebron (ESP)
Martin Di Nenno (ARG)