At the Miami F1 event, Veronika Rajek looks gorgeous in a tiny bikini.

At the F1 event, Veronika Rajek, a big fan of Tom Brady, sports a purple bikini and pink shorts.

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Veronika Rajek, aka the glitzy Tom Brady fan, is usually the center of attention because of her intense interest in American football. She seems, nevertheless, to be turning her attention to Formula 1 racing this summer.

The model, who shares details about her life with her three million fans, recently posted updates regarding her visit to an F1 circuit.

She’s been at the Formula One event for the last three or four days, dazzling spectators with her exquisite outfit. Earlier that day, Veronika had dressed all in black, but on the second day, she spiced things up a bit by wearing her black top with jeans and shorts.

She later adopted a more bikini-like appearance, donning a purple bikini and pink denim shorts. Little artworks were affixed to the pink bikini, adding to its unique and subtly funkier vibe.

The photos make it rather evident that she was successful in drawing some attention to herself at the function.


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