Andy Murray is not done yet!

The former world no.1 received a rather rushed farewell from the tour after he vented his frustration with his hip injury back in January. Later Andy had an operation, and things went pretty well. In April he started to hit against a wall, and now he has invited his troubled friend, Nick Kyrgios, to have a light hit on grass.

Murray very confident to be back in doubles

During an exclusive interview with The Times, the Brit explained his hopes and plans. The next step will be back playing doubles (with his brother Jamie or Kyrgios?).

Andy commented

ā€œI don’t have pain. I just need to see how good the hip can get really. I know from seeing what Bob Bryan has done that for doubles it will be absolutely fine. I will need to see from there how it would work singles-wise.

It has been really good so far. I’m playing lots of golf. I don’t have any pain walking round the course and swinging clubs. When Iā€™m on the court hitting, it has been perfect.”

Bob Bryan as a benchmark

Andy kept on talking about drawing his confidence from Bob Bryan that had a very similar situation, and he was back playing doubles with his brother to compete at the highest levels at 41 years of age. Murray added:

“If I continue to feel good, then I will obviously give it a shot in singles and see what happens. Whereas in doubles I am pretty certain I will be able to play, just based on having an example to look at.

I can look at Bob Bryan and say. This is what he has done; he is playing top three or four in the world-level doubles. He is also nine years older than me, so why would I not be able to do the same and hopefully a bit more?ā€

What about playing singles?

Andy conceded that he is not aiming at getting back to playing singles on grass as there is not enough time for him to get ready. However, he thinks that he has a show at playing singles in the 2nd part of the season on hard courts. Nevertheless, it’s better for him not to rush too much.


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