Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have both saved 2 match points in Rome during this week. This prompted an interesting analysis on who is the best in converting and saving match points among the big 3.

Djokovic the best in converting match points

Djokovic lost just 3 matches in his career after failing to convert match points while Nadal 8 and Federer 21 (!!!).

Federer the best in saving match points

The Swiss sensation is still the best among the big 3 in “the other department” as he won 21 matches in his career after saving match points (Nadal and Djokovic 13). This may be interpreted with the fact that Roger has a better serve than his rivals to use this weapon to stay in the matches.

Djokovic has the best ratio

To summarize, the world no.1 has the best ratio in this specific log as follows

Djokovic 3 – 13
Nadal 8 – 13
Federer 21 – 21


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