Casper Ruud’s sister Caroline gives her hints on how to achieve a great fitness

Caroline Ruud, the elder sister of tennis star Casper Ruud, has gained a significant following on Instagram and runs an apparel brand called "I Can I Will." Her Instagram feed features lifestyle, travel, and beach photos, with bikini shots showcasing her confidence and carefree spirit.

Casper Ruud Caroline

Caroline Ruud, the elder sister of tennis sensation Casper Ruud, has quietly carved out her own unique identity beyond being known solely as her brother’s sibling. While Casper’s meteoric rise in the tennis world has garnered significant attention, Caroline has made her mark in different ways.

Caroline boasts more than 25,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she shares glimpses of her life, interests, and adventures. Her confident and charming presence resonates with both Casper’s fans and her own growing audience. Caroline’s verified tag adds to her social media allure, making her a recognizable figure in the online world.

“I Can I Will” Apparel Brand

Beyond the tennis court, Caroline has ventured into entrepreneurship. She runs an apparel brand called “I Can I Will,” which offers a range of garments. The brand’s name reflects Caroline’s determination and positive mindset, encouraging others to believe in their abilities and overcome challenges.

Beach Photos and Bikini Shots

Caroline’s Instagram feed features a mix of lifestyle photos, travel snapshots, and beach shots. Her bikini photos, in particular, have garnered attention, showcasing her confidence and carefree spirit. Whether she’s lounging by the ocean or exploring new destinations, Caroline’s posts resonate with her followers.

This was her message in her latest Instagram post flaunting her fitness:

“A lot of girls come to me and think they need to eat 1000 calories to get in the shape they want for the summer. NONONO you don’t have to be doing this!! It’s okay to want to tighten up a little before the summer or lose a few pounds, BUT let’s instead achieve the results in a sustainable way! 🌟 Here are my top tips to lose a few pounds while keeping hormones happy and your metabolism going. Let’s get summer-ready the healthy way!”

Casper Ruud in 2024

Casper Ruud

32 - 9win/loss

I Hard
25 year old
2024 Highlights

Now the world no.6, the Norwegian played his last match on the 21st of April when he beat world no.7 Stefanos Tsitsipas 7-5 6-3 in the final in Barcelona to win his 11th career title.

Currently, during this season Ruud has achieved a compiled 29-7 match record. The Norwegian clinched 1 title in Barcelona. Ruud was the runner-up in Los Cabos, Acapulco and Monte-Carlo.

Ruud conquered 1 title in 2024 in Barcelona. Ruud got to the final in Los Cabos (Mifel Tennis Open), in Acapulco (Abierto Mexicano Telcel) and in Monte-Carlo (Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters).

The Norwegian won 11 titles in his career: 1 on hard courts and 10 on clay courts. (See the list of his titles)

Ruud's Record