Nick Kyrgios is a highly polarizing figure with his erratic behavior: people either like him (a lot), or they don’t like him (a lot!).

After his recent default in Rome, the Australian received a huge fine and many are asking for more severe punishment. However, the conversation is also shifting about Kyrgios’ health.

Is Nick Kyrgios struggling with mental issues?

Many are wondering if the Australian is having mental issues. It’s obvious that he is struggling with the pressure of the circuit and the expectations that everyone has been putting on him especially after he upset Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon back in 2014.

Amazon Prime tennis experts Robbie Koenig and Mark Petchey were puzzled during Kyrgios’ meltdown in Rome to comment

“We’ve seen him destroy his rackets on a few occasions. But look at this. Can you believe it? The fans are telling him to get back on the court. Incredible scenes. Absolutely crazy scenes. I guess crazy and Nick Kyrgios in the same sentence does actually make sense.”

Becker on Kyrgios

Boris Becker had nice words for the Australian in the past saying that he had everything to become a superstar and he even defended him saying that he was still young. However, this time the German legend wasn’t impressed with the Australian and in a tweet, he was extremely harsh against Kyrgios when he congratulated the Murray for his knighthood to tweet

“Nick …whenever u wanna talk to somebody who went through hell…talk to an inmate”


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