Nick Kyrgios hits the headlines again for the wrong reasons.

A few hours before his 2nd match in Rome, the Australian was part of an incredible podcast that saw him insulting Djokovic, Nadal, and Verdasco. After that, the Australian had an epic meltdown in the 3rd round when he was playing against the world no.76 Casper Ruud. Eventually, everything ended when Kyrgios defaulted after he threw a side table on court after he was penalized of 1 game. (see full story)

The position of the ATP and the fine

The ATP explained what happened also to enlist the fines that Kyrgios will have to pay.


Nick Kyrgios was defaulted from his second round match in Rome on Wednesday for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The following provides a breakdown of the penalties incurred by Kyrgios:
• Warning (Ball Abuse)
• Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Point Penalty) – Euro 5.000 fine
• Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Game Penalty) – Euro 7,500 fine
• Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Default) – Euro 7,500 fine
In addition to the total fine of Euro 20.000. Kyrgios forfeits the 45 ATP Ranking points he earned at the tournament, as well as all as Euro 33.635 in prize money. He must also cover the cost of his hospitality during the tournament.

That means that Kyrgios lost 53.635 plus the cost of his hospitality.

Does Kyrgios deserve a suspension?

Now the big issue is if Kyrgios deserves a suspension. Many think that the Australian deserves more severe punishment. According to Roger Federer, he should not be suspended as all this punishment is more than enough.

It’s going to be interesting to see what’s going to happen.

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