Denis Shapovalov has just won his first match of the season on clay in Rome after playing rather good tennis against Pablo Carreno-Busta in what was also his first win in almost 2 months.

Shapovalov on technology and justice on clay

After the match, the Canadian sensation explained why he really wants to push the use of technology on clay to have more justice.

Denis commented

“It’s the thing that I’m really trying to push for just because I feel like there are way too many controversial calls; there are so many close calls from day to day from every match and obviously when I made the tweet (see article) there was no intention [against] the refs. Of course, they’re allowed to make mistakes. They’re human just like us; we can make a mistake but I just feel like there’s got to be a better way to allow the players to kind of challenge the calls.

That it usually happens on the biggest points. Let’s be honest you know you go for something riskier it’s either in or it’s either out you know

About the Hawkeye being not accurate

There’s a lot of mentions that Hawkeye is not accurate. There are other ways to go. There are other systems and when I’m trying to say is like our technology is so advanced of course we can come up with a way to get a challenge system on clay, and I think it’s
so essential and so important for those calls they’re just so so close and tough to judge.

Like I said sometimes you see that the ref screwed up and made a mistake and you
have a different opinion or sometimes it’s just the call is so close it’s impossible to call it.

You need justice in tennis

You need the system to kind of have justice to be sure that that’s what the call is and I think it’s something in the game that should be brought up. I don’t know why It hasn’t
yet. I think if a lot of players push for it then these companies will find a way to make.”


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