Djokovic, Murray, Alcaraz, Tsitsipas appear in hilarious video from ATP

In their latest video, "The Tour: A Reality Show," tennis professionals from the ATP Tour performed a humorous act in which they claimed that tennis is a planned sport with predictable outcomes.

Murray Djokovic

Recently, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and other characters from the ATP Tour’s funny reality program created their own genuine social media accounts.

Tennis players from the ATP Tour staged a comedic routine in their most recent film, “The Tour: A Reality Show,” which claimed that tennis is a scripted sport with predictable results. As the video opens, the writers and players are getting ready for season 52.

When Murray speaks first in the sketch, he begins by saying: “I think that’s what people don’t realize; it’s all just scripted, like the players and the matches; it’s all just kind of made up. It’s a bit like wrestling or reality TV shows; none of it’s real. We get our storylines at the start of the year and we try to make everything look natural. Let’s face it, people are stupid so they’ll buy anything.”

Some of the biggest names in tennis, including Djokovic, Murray, Andrey Rublev, and Carlos Alcaraz, are featured in the film. Some of these athletes’ ‘real names’ come to light as they appear on television.

Additionally, there is the fantastically named Bert Critchley, who makes an effort to understand his character, Novak Djokovic. He said: “Something that I’m trying to evoke with this Novak character is not just the performance and the achievements, but a bit more of an essence, a bit more personality; try to have people relate to him. I want to bring the truth to Novak. What is he thinking? What is he feeling? What would motivate him if he were a real person?”

Novak Djokovic in 2024

Novak Djokovic

7 - 2win/loss

36 year old
2024 Highlights

Ranked no.1, Novak played his last match on the 26th of January when he lost to world no.4 Jannik Sinner 6-1 6-2 6-7(6) 6-3 in the semifinal of the Australian Open (draw).

This season the Serbian has a 7-2 win-loss record. Novak Djokovic’s latest run at the Australian Open was the best achievement of his season.

Australian Open
Djokovic's Record

Andy Murray in 2024

Andy Murray

2 - 6win/loss

I Hard
36 year old
2024 Highlights

Ranked no.49, Murray played his last match on the 6th of February when he was overcome by world no.66 Tomas Machac 7-5 6-4 in the 1st round in Marseille (draw).

This season Murray achieved a compiled 0-4 win-loss record.

Murray's Record

Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray played each other 36 times. Their actual record is 25-11 for Djokovic. Previously, the last time they fought against each other, Novak Djokovic won 6-3 5-7 6-4 in the final in Doha (Qatar ExxonMobil Open) in January 2017.


Carlos Alcaraz in 2024

Carlos Alcaraz

6 - 3win/loss

20 year old
2024 Highlights

Currently the world no.2, Alcaraz played his last match on the 24th of January when he lost to world no.6 Alexander Zverev 6-1 6-3 6-7(2) 6-4 in the quarter in the Australian Open (draw).

This season Alcaraz has a 4-1 record.

Australian Open
Alcaraz's Record

Stefanos Tsitsipas in 2024

Stefanos Tsitsipas

9 - 4win/loss

I Hard
25 year old
2024 Highlights

Ranked no.10, the Greek played his last match on the 3rd of February when he beat world no.284 Marius Copil 6-3 6-4 in the Rubber 1 of the Davis Cup (draw).

Presently, during this year Stefanos has a 5-2 win-loss record.

Davis Cup
Tsitsipas's Record

Carlos Alcaraz and Stefanos Tsitsipas played each other 5 times. The head to head is 5-0 for Alcaraz. Previously, the last time they competed against each other, Carlos Alcaraz won 6-2 6-1 7-6(5) in the quarter in Paris (French Open) in June 2023.

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